Warning about phishing scams



We have confirmed that beginning in August of 2023, multiple mails were sent out by a third party disguising themselves as one of our group hotels. If you receive a mail supposedly from our group hotel that seems strange, requests you to reenter reservation numbers, or asks for credit card information, it may redirect you to a phishing site or expose you to illicit access, so please immediately delete the mail without accessing any link or viewing any attachment within it. Under no circumstances will our group hotels request credit card information or payment by email, except for instances in which you have made use of the hotel. We apologize for any concern that may have been caused for you, and request that you continue to remain aware of the possibility of scam mails. *”Phishing” is the act of sending emails pretending to be another sender, and redirecting the receiver to a false website in order to gather personal information such as credit card numbers, account information (user ID, password, etc.) and other such important details.