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"Miyama Furin" is a newly joined property to Hakone Kowakien resort managements, is a hot spring inn providing new style and simple hospitality.

Public baths, of course are hot springs. In the open-air bath of over flowing hot spring, please fully enjoy the hot springs of Hakone.

Open Hours: 6: 00 ~ 10: 00/15: 00 ~ 24: 00

Miyamafurin Public Bath


Public baths of Miyamafurin is one of the fountain quality rich Hakone seventeen hot water "Kowakidani hot spring". Please be relaxed in the superb Hakone Kowakien's first over flow open-air hot spring. Also for the guests who are staying at Miyamafurin also have access to hot spring of Hakone Hotel Kowakien "Seseragi".

Miyamafurin Public Bath


Public baths of Miyama KaedeRin is becoming "Kowakidani hot spring" one of the fountain quality rich Hakone seventeen hot water.

House bath: men and women each one place

Miyamafurin Private Baths

While listening to the babble of the flow of hot water in Hakone of fresh green, please enjoy a private bath with your family and loved ones without things having to worry about the surroundings.

Hours 15:00 to 23:30

Heard by appointment the day of the reception.
Remarks one pair per hour free